Sukhoi Su 34 fullback

sukhoi su 34 fullback
The Sukhoi Su-37 (NATO designation 'Flanker-F') is a Russian multi-role jet fighter aircraft. It is a single seat experimental fighter modified from Su-35 prototypes for thrust vector control testing. It should not be confused with Su-47 (S-37), a forward-swept wing technology demonstrator. The Su-37 is derived from the Su-35, which was initially designated Su-27M. The Su-27M development began in the early 1980s. A Su-27M prototype (T-10S-70) first flew in 1988. Changes from the Su-27 include canards, upgraded engines, new radar, and a digital fly by wire flight control system. Sukhoi changed the Su-27M's designation to Su-35 in 1993. Later Su-35 prototypes added a glass cockpit and modified tailfins. The Su-35 design was modified into the Su-37 by adding 2D thrust vectoring nozzles. The first Su-37 test aircraft made its maiden flight in April 1996 equipped with vectoring nozzles. The Su-37 appeared at the 1996 Farnborough airshow[3] piloted by Sukhoi test pilot Yevgeny Frolov. A second Su-37 was similarly converted in 1998. The Su-37 is a single-seat, all-weather fighter and ground attack prototype aircraft, derived from the Su-27. The Su-37 includes several updates over the Su-27, including all-weather multi-mode passive electronically scanned array radar with synthetic aperture, terrain avoidance, terrain mapping and a rear-facing[citation needed] radar. The airframe includes a percentage of parts made from composites, unlike the all-metal Su-27. Additionally, the Su ...
Sukhoi, Su, 34, fullback
sukhoi su 34 fullback
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